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"Readers will be enchanted by M.J. Rose's supernaturally charged novel Seduction, inspired by Victor Hugo's self-imposed exile on the British island of Jersey in the 1850s. Great elements of suspense are present — a remote, misty island teeming with century-old Celtic ruins, an unreliable narrator who may or may not be going crazy." USAToday

"Lyrical, spooky and rich in history." Sacramento Bee / Best of Summer Reading

"Everything a thriller fan could wish for: reincarnation, spiritualism, Druids, Jungian psychology, even perfumery... one of the marvels of the book is how well it all hangs together." (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Beginning with [a] ghost story, the words take you into the darkness and madness of grief. With a gripping turn of the pen you are transported into the mind of a man whose misery comes close to ruining his life. Full of tragedy and hope, the ending takes you unaware and leaves you wanting more. A must-read." —Leslie Wright, Blog Critics

"Seduction is haunting and atmospheric with an amazing setting that leaves you breathless—and leaves an impression on you long after you finish turning the last page. I know I'll always make sure to pick up a book by M.J. Rose from now on..." The Bookaholic

"This was a great read from start to finish...The author masterfully weaves the past and the present together..." BookAHolique

"Reincarnation, communing with the dead, mythology and Lucifer himself – all wrapped up in one exquisite book that catches hold of you and never really lets you go. Find a place where you can watch a storm crash over the water, tuck a blanket around you as a fire crackles nearby, lace your tea with some brandy and let Rose's words wash over you like the scents she so aptly describes..." I Am Not Lost

"Part thriller, part historical mystery, with supernatural elements and a dash of romance, Seduction is, first and foremost, a damn good read. It is also a nuanced, evocative portrait of the human mind beset by sorrow and uncertainty. Juggling many threads, Rose weaves three seemingly disparate plots to a shared ending that is as inevitable as it is surprising. Seduction will leave longtime M.J. Rose fans pining for the next installment and send newcomers scrambling to get her previous titles."

"Rose seduces the reader from the very first page. Enticing thriller... fascinating... unexpected. Rose has written another winner." —Associated Press

"From the outside, Seduction looks like it could be a cover for JANE EYRE or WUTHERING HEIGHTS ... it also reads a bit like those Brontë sisters classics. It's dark and brooding. Characters are haunted by the present and by the past. There is loss... pain... love... temptation. And, of course, there is a feeling of impending doom." Greenwich Time

"The sensuality, and the pure and utter dreamlike state with which [Rose] writes is effortless and engaging, producing [a] story that's impossible to leave behind... drawing the reader into the depths of a sensual mystery that they will truly never forget! This deserves a standing ovation!" Suspense Magazine

"Deep mystery, strange confrontations, and bizarre coincidences—or are they? The characters are so well defined that they will haunt your sleep. If you are looking for a 5-star read that will puzzle you at so many turns, then get Seduction." Blog Critics

"Highly descriptive and sensuous prose, Seduction shows the dangers of trying to bend time and space to suit our emotions, when the only true healing is in letting go of the past..." Historical Novels Reviews

"This is gothic horror redefined not just as present day ghost story, but also as the ultimate morality tale that explores the blurred lines between good and evil. It's Henry James' Turn of the Screw done up with all the post-modern trimmings. Atmospherically romantic and perfectly toned, Rose's latest is a classy and elegant literary seduction of the highest measure. As wondrously crafted as it is written." Providence Journal

"Threads of past lives and malevolent spirits... combined with Rose's vivid imagination and beautiful writing make this a book to savor." RT Top Pick 4 ½ stars

"A luxurious, sensual experience for the reader. This atmospheric tale of suspense is fully engrossing." —Library Journal (starred review)

"A sophisticated book that plunges you into a sensual, fascinating world filled with secrets and dreams and ghosts. There's a sweeping, old-world feel to every page, and you'll want to stay here, spellbound, a very long time." —Carolyn Turgeon, author of Mermaid and the upcoming The Fairest of Them All

"Mysterious, haunting, and tragic, Seduction emerges as a suspenseful alchemy of potent ingredients, beautifully blended, that ignites your senses and leaves you aching for more." —Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"Seduction is an absolute pleasure to read — clever, suspenseful, exciting, mysterious, learned, and engrossing. Some of the best historical fiction I've read in quite some time and just plain reading fun. M.J. Rose is at the top of her game, and that is saying something." —David Liss, bestselling author of The Twelfth Enchantment

"The 1843 drowning death of Victor Hugo's beloved eldest daughter, Didine, provides the catalyst for Rose's well-crafted paranormal novel of suspense. Rose is especially good at recreating Hugo's despair...making his abandonment of rationality all too plausible." Publishers Weekly

"What sells the book—what sells all of Rose's books [is] the author's boundless enthusiasm for the material... and we can't help getting caught up in that enthusiasm." Booklist

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"Seduction transcends time, recounting the story of Victor Hugo's tragic loss of his daughter and his desperate attempts to contact her via séances. Fast forward to the present, when Jacinthe 'Jac' L'Etoile, a mythologist specializing in Celtic lore, probes the secrets of the Isle of Jersey, where Hugo communed with spirits and composed his journal. With alacrity, Rose interweaves mythology, the supernatural, psychoanalysis and Evil Incarnate, creating an amazing amalgam of narrative wonder. And, yes, M.J. Rose fans, there are reincarnationists in Seduction, and they will haunt you." —Mystery Lovers Bookshop

"A marvelous web spun by the dark and dramatic threads of the supernatural, reincarnation, seances, ancient perfumers, hallucinations, and a few chats with the Devil. Although this is #5 in Rose's series, you do not have to have read the others to become enchanted with M.J. Rose's Seduction." —McLean and Eakin Booksellers

"Seduction by M.J. Rose interlaces the tale of a bereft Victor Hugo, mourning the loss of his daughter over 150 years ago, with the present day chronicles of Jac L'Etoile, caught up in an ancient Druid mystery that is affecting the lives of everyone around her. Intriguing, absorbing, and utterly captivating, Seduction will leave you begging for a sequel." —Books & Books

"Once again M. J. Rose seduces readers with a journey of exploration into the mysteries of mind and time. We walk beaches and descend into caves on the Isle of Jersey. We sit in seance with Victor Hugo as he tries desperately to make contact with his drowned daughter. Do you believe in ghosts? This novel will suspend your disbelief and hold you enthralled." —Pamela Grath at Dog Ears Books

"Fans of Les Mis, the TV show Medium, and Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca will want to pick up a copy of Seduction by M.J. Rose. This historical suspense novel features Victor Hugo, his obsession with the occult, and a modern-day woman whose therapist believes her hallucinations are really glimpses into her past lives." —Jackie Willey, Fiction Addiction