Upfront and Unscripted: Chris Anderson on
    Here M.J. interviews Chris Anderson at BEA on his new venture:
  • Jugglezine Magazine
    Chronically, Electronically Misunderstood
    The problem with e-mail is, we think we're good at it.,1516,109,00.html
  • O Magazine
    Ask Your Mother To Tell You A Story
    What we don't know about our mother's as women, friends, lovers and professionals can have a deep effect on our lives. By M.J. Rose. Not online but in the May 2003 Issue
  • Poets & Writers Magazine
    How Lucky Can You Get?
    Often when an author signs a book contract that's his or her last word on the all important publishing process about to be set in motion. Author of more than 150 articles on the publishing industry, M.J. Rose looks at how to redress that balance of power.
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Books Fly the Friendly Skies
    In-flight ads tout e-books' portability to United Airlines passengers. Also: A new way to check out e-books ... fee-based courses from all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,55476,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Rampant Illiteracy: Oh the Horror
    The Horror Writers Association can't abide the scary U.S. literacy rates, so it's sponsoring a benefit eBay auction. Also: Homes for pets.... hope for self-published romance authors... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,55319,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Book, Website Spur Iraq Discourse
    A new book -- and its companion website -- opposing a U.S. war on Iraq challenges readers to question authority. Also: Comics fans get more online strips.... The World Almanac hits handhelds...all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,55176,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    9/11 Book Born Online Hits Stage
    A book of reflections collected online from professional and citizen journalists on the events of Sept. 11 makes its way to London's Old Vic Theatre. Also: Audio CDs digitize textbooks on tape...all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,55022,00.html
  • January Magazine
    The Art of Procrastination
    I don't remember ever wanting to be anything other than a writer. As I kid I devoured books and authors were my heroes. But no matter how many notebooks or pens I bought, no matter how many classes I took, no matter how many times I started, I never got farther the first two paragraphs.
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Who Spilled Merlot on the E-Book?
    Electronic wine lists help diners at Aureole restaurants in Vegas and New York match their meals with the prefect vintage. Also: E-publish in minutes.... E-books en español.... .... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,54839,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Dogged Readers Bid to Pick Names
    The creators of Greyhound enthusiasts vie online, eBay style, to name characters in a forthcoming self-published novel where the dogs run the show. Also: E-book surveys shed light on readers.... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,54758,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Paper Mag Sprouts From Book Zine
    The creators of believe they can make it on the magazine racks. Also: Website offers greetings like Hallmark, only erotic and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,54624,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Art Zine Stands Test of E-Time
    Happy anniversary to fineArt forum, which turns 15. Also: You mention my poem, I'll mention your screed and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,54454,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Mommy, Write Me a Story
    Mothers get publishing advice and support. Also: How to collaborate online ... create a writer's website and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53997,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Self-Publish Stigma Is Perishing
    and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53996,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    How the Net Can Stop Gross Losses
    Authors say the Internet-based business language described in a new book can level the playing field. Also: Book reviews galore, and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53864,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Promising Chapter in E-Book Story
    Demand for e-books might be gaining momentum. Also: A thesaurus by any other name... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53699,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Comeback of a Crusty Comic Cop
    An old lawman's career is resurrected in Web comics. Also: Publisher reacts when readers complain.... Up-to-the-minute bestseller lists.... ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53586,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    USA Today's News Is Fiction
    The online newspaper snags a big-name author. Also: Summer means savings ... market-testing with print on demand... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53416,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Published in a New York Minute
    Online techniques and technologies give publishing a new urgency. Also: Innovative new authors ... shrinking iUniverse ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53219,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    On Writing and Cheez Doodles
    Authors' secrets, favorites and eating habits revealed. Also: Enhancing the search for fiction ... enhancing the search for knowledge in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,53041,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E Is for E-Book Murder Mystery
    Is the book dead? That's the underlying question in a new online production. Also: Big horror from small houses, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52929,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    The Dickens of EBay
    An author auctions off vintage clothes and brand new chapters. Also: Another self-publishing tool...and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52784,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    A Dilbert for a Post-9/11 World
    An online comic strip featuring cubicle workers discussing post-attack feelings is being made into a book. Also: A push for I Love to Write Day.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52658,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Book Reviews Find Homes on Web
    Major newspapers are devoting less and less space to book reviews, but the Web is more than picking up the slack. Also: Deep Throat revealed? ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52488,00.html
  • Poets&Writers Magazine
    Everything Old Is New Again
    Reinventing the Publishing Model

    More than 3,500 novels are published in the U.S. each year (not counting paperback or genre fiction)—but even the most avid reader buys fewer than 50 of them. While the main advantage to being published by a large press is the distribution, marketing, promotion, and visibility it can offer, all too often that kind of attention is bestowed only upon the clearly commercial novel that is already earmarked to be a winner, usually because of the author's previous performance. But a few hardworking, independent houses are implementing new publishing practices ... ones that put the author first. By M.J. Rose
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Looking for the 'E' at BEA
    The hype and hoopla surrounding e-publishing is still there, but it's just a little harder to find. At Book Expo America last weekend, a few initiatives stood out ,in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52319,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Moxie, or $10 Worth of Chutzpah?
    Writers are steamed at online zine Moxie's decision to charge $10 per submission. Also: A home for Web-comics ... a smaller e-book reader ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52168,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Font of Errors Plagued Awards
    Loss of funding killed the Frankfurt E-Book Awards, but the concept was flawed from the start. Also: New awards on the horizon ... a glut of guilt ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,52015,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Authors Question Author's Guild
    Writers aren't answering the Guild's call to de-link from Amazon to protest the bookseller's practice of hawking used books. Also: Come back, Oprah.... more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,51791,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    (Book Clubs') Life After Oprah
    Oprah closes her book club and a thousand take her place. Also: Where the reviews are ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,51632,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Literary Lynching Goes Online
    A new book chronicles the sometimes ugly history of what happens to authors when they criticize the government. Also: A writer thinks visually.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,51429,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Beaming Promos a Tough Read
    Would free excerpts direct from a kiosk to your handheld make you buy the book? Also: What's in a publisher's name? ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,51291,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Are Authors Abused by Used?
    Online sales of used books, review copies and remainders vex authors who just want to get paid. Also: Random acts of literacy ... your inner librarian ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,51113,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    How to Do It (Publish, That Is)
    Do it yourself publishing, with help from others. Also: Getting hip on Hep C.... Shakespeare or shaky scholarship.... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50971,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    A Site for Seeing Amazon Sales
    Authors have a new way to track sales. Also: Downloads for the visually impaired ... The Canterbury Tales get a facelift ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50807,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    A Medical Text That Heals Itself
    Comments, additions and improvements for this peer-reviewed journal are just a click away. Also: A reader Olympics poll ... e-books for soldiers ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50655,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    A Footnote to E-Book History
    Douglas Rushkoff's e-book, which was annotated by readers online, will be published in print form. Also: Adding a third dimension ... an author gives himself a 5-star review ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50468,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Reading on the Net With Boys
    See Jane read better than Dick. See man who wants boys to read better. See man develop a website to address problem. Also: Reviewing new review site.... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50350,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Mail That Lures Book Readers
    Chapter-a-Day thinks it can get people back into the habit of reading books by e-mailing them a chapter a day. The only way to finish the book is by buying it, though. Also: Enron scandal hits e-publishing.... and more from M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50193,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Psalm's New E-Book Reader
    Prayers, hymns and psalms are but a click away. Also: The demand for print on demand ... e-book publishing rights redux ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,50023,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Authors' Sites Offer Insights
    Authors like the idea that publishers don't get involved in their promotional websites, saying the autonomy allows them to be more creative. Also: A Tennessee library lobbies for funding.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,49865,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Preview Copies Go Digital
  • E-galleys arrive as a cost-effective promotional tool. Also: Listing the e-book bestsellers.... A print-on-demand idea that really cooks.... All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,49534,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    2001 Was a Tough Read for E-Books
    Apparently, the e-book revolution is still a tome waiting to be written, but judging by the opinions expressed here, there is no shortage of potential authors. M.J. Rose looks at the year in e-publishing.,1284,49297,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Books Live On After Mighty Fall
    Last week's shuttering of MightyWords is just one in a series of closings by big-name, e-book sellers. But smaller companies are thriving. Also: MightyWords' last words.... Read like an e-Egyptian.... in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,49184,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Black Publisher: From Net to BET
    A small publishing house that markets entirely online gets big league attention from Black Entertainment Television Books and top book clubs. Also: Hitting the streets for Sept. 11 victims ... erotica goes serial ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook. in Culture,1284,48983,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Books OK'd as Art in the U.K.
    A grant by the U.K.'s funding body for university research confers automatic legitimacy. Also: Erotica is significant, too.... expands its e-offerings.... All in M.J. Rose's notebook. In Culture,1284,48804,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Audio E-Books Seek a Buzz
    That sound you hear is audio e-books, magazines and newspapers clamoring for attention. Also: Hitchhiker's guide to his hard drive ... the language of digital rights ... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,48620,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Online Library Expands Database
    Ebrary adds scientific, medical and business titles from key professional publishers. Also: Struggling netLibrary gets a lifeline, and book clubs unite, all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,48480,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Post-Tasini Guidelines Sought
    The National Writers Union and Primedia negotiate licensing issues. Also: Random House targets young-adult e-book audience.... Light reading in the future.... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook. In Culture,1284,48334,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Simon Says: Buy E-Books Here
    Simon & Schuster gets into the retail biz. Also: Writers wish AOL would have asked ... dispatches from an environmentally friendly essayist ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,48146,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Watch as This Novel Gets Written
    A winner of the Pulitzer Prize will write his novel online while surfers watch. Also: Online discussion groups flourish, and Scholastic releases another e-book. It's all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,47961,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Rejects' Finders Fees Rejected
    Xlibris backs down on its offer to pay literary agents for referring authors they've taken a pass on. Also: Best-selling tips for $69.95 ... Will someone save ... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,47770,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    And Now a Novel From Our Sponsor
    Product placement and banner ads invade the world of e-books, in an e-mail serial by author Jesse Kornbluth. Also: A Halloween download.... Frankfurt E-book Awards.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,47534,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Eight Copies Sold Is Enough
    The Frankfurt eBook Awards nominates a non-fiction title that has sold only eight copies. Also: Self-publishing readers dig Frankenstein.... A page-turning contest.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook,1284,47391,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Selfless Acts or Self Promotion?
    Booksellers question other booksellers who hitch their wares to the Sept. 11 attacks.... In an unrelated promotional scheme, an author gets naked on the Net.... All in M.J. Rose's notebook,1284,47179,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Web Readings Replace Real Ones
    In the wake of the attacks, authors turn to virtual book tours. Also: Writers union says The New York Times blacklists freelancers ... and e-books are showing an immediacy that the printed word can't duplicate ... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,47036,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Book World Lends a Helping Word
    Online publishers and booksellers turn to buyers to help raise money in wake of attacks. Also: not welcome at Amazon, a firefighter's story and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46908,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Boundless Books Abound
    Figures show e-books are cheaper and titles more plentiful than what's often reported. Also: It's not who you know but where to find them.... Kids can publish too ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46635,00.html
  • From Salon -
    Michael Chabon, Rick Moody and other dismayed authors respond to the news that a tony jeweler paid novelist Fay Weldon to put its products front and center in her new book.
    By M.J. Rose
  • From Wired -
    More Black Voices in Print
    With the market for African-American books expanding quickly, traditional publishers turn to self-published writers. Also: E-books offer extra goodies.... Many formats make e-book titles slow to the gate.... All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46463,00.html
  • Should Writers Kiss & Tell?
    Revealing the Nonfiction Behind Fiction
    By M.J. Rose
  • And one last note best-selling author and thinker Seth Godin has a terrific newsletter that if you don't already get you should: the sub address is
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Sklyarov Boss to Skirt DMCA
    The president of ElmcomSoft will present the same paper on copyright security that landed programmer Dmitri Sklyarov in a U.S. jail. He's doing it in Amsterdam. Also: Book pirates abound.... E-book guidelines are updated.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46318,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    The Library That Keeps On Giving
    The California State University system brokers a deal with NetLibrary so e-books can be lent to many at one time. Also: Turning Ploughshares into e-Ploughshares, fiction goes 3D and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46160,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Print-on-Demand Books Cost More
    Cover prices for books that don't exist until buyers order them rise as much as 30 percent. Also: Writers just want to get paid, a 10-hour read and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,46012,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    They're Young, But They Can Read
    So-called Young Adult books often lose the battle of shelf space in stores but they flourish online. Authors are also fighting to broaden their audience. Also: Up-sizing for the sight-impaired, free books with purchase of a reading device, and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook,1284,45764,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    A Ticket to Fix Encryption Woes
    Digital tickets could be the answer to those pesky digital rights protection issues. Also: An online debate on digital rights, wedding dress tales and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,45475,00.html
  • And a personal essay of mine about how e-book authors are not getting respect was published in Salon yesterday. (I didn't want to clog up your mailboxes with two notes this week).
  • Why I'm an E-book Outcast
    The Web made me a successful author, but getting people to respect me as a "real writer" has been harder to come by. Here's an essay about the ups and downs of getting taken seriously in
  • E-publishing Ink
    Throw the E-Book at Sklyarov?
    Publishers laud the Justice Department's arrest of the Russian software trafficker, but most of the online e-book community sides with the luckless hacker. Also: The latest in e-book marketing ... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1272,45466,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Twelve-Minute Book Delivery
    The first fully automated print-on-demand book vending machine is on the
    way. Also: Remnants is in big demand, and New York on no dollars a day.
    All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,45228,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    How to Pre-Sell a Best-Seller
    Invitation to Weigh In on Wedgies
    NPR commentator Douglas Rushkoff asks readers to contribute online annotations to his futuristic historical novel, Exit Strategy. Also: Happy birthday, Project Gutenberg, and the return of a poet. All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,45067,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    How to Pre-Sell a Best-Seller
    Franklin Has Some New E-Book Pals
    Franklin Electronic Publishers adds about 3,000 titles with new relationships.
    Also: An Adobe security crack.... Readers want more, cheaply.... And more in M.J. Rose's e-publishing notebook.,1284,44958,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    How to Pre-Sell a Best-Seller
    Interest in Neil Gaiman's American Gods is spurred on by his three-year-old online journal. Also: An online rag goes downloadable, and another e-mail publication experiments with "print" ads. All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,44751,00.html
  • A self-help e-book publisher creates a book that's more like a store; whatever makes you feel good is now available for purchase. Also: Friends of chip in, e-books get ID numbers.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,44579,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Once-Dead Writers Site Returns, closed in April by Gemstar, will return as in July. Also: The search for virtual miracles ... the expansion of an online library network ... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,44385,00.html
  • E-Books Out of Print Already?
    It seemed like all anybody could talk about at last year's BookExpo America was e-books. Not this year, where print books were all the rage and e-publishers agreed prices must come down. M.J. Rose reports from Chicago,1284,44277,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    WSJ: The Little Dickens
    A serialized novel makes its way onto the pages -- and homepages -- of The Wall Street Journal.... Also: Book sites team up for a summer reading contest.... Students at Stanford go wireless.... and more, in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1367,44135,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    New Accounting for Best-Sellers
    When the editor of a best-sellers list for e-books asks for verification, one author says it's an invasion of privacy. Also: Art books you can carry ... a campus without books ... and reviews with pull. All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,43978,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Kids Ask the Darnedest Things
    Do you ever hate yourself? That and other questions are posed in a new book edited by, and for, adolescents and young adults. Also: The first e-books are free.... And more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,43778,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Pay to Publish, Pay for Review
    Yep, authors can pay for anything now -- including reviews of their work. The controversial idea launches soon on a website near you. Also: The benefit of a free sample, and poetry that pays.... In M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,43606,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Pledge Drives Don't Work
    Steve Outing's prominent online writing list went asking for user donations and came up half-empty. Also: Bye bye RocketLibrary... The Vines... and some romantic face-mail, from M.J. Rose's e-notebook.,1284,43403,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Fall of Times New Roman Empire
    Online literature goes against type, including one e-book that's based on a collection of fonts. Also: Learn the craft, download it to your phone, and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,43198,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Authors Lose Sight of Writer Site
    Writers like to be read, so it came as a shock when Gemstar closed down without warning. Also: Authors make for good interviews, an author's diary and the Revolution arrives on Palm, all in M.J. Rose's e-publishing notebook.,1284,42922,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    The E-Book as Print-Edition Ad
    Not waiting for e-books to become the preferred product to read, one publisher is placing ads for printed books in electronic form. Also: A queen gets her due.... and customized textbooks.... all in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,42751,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    When in Doubt, Believe in Self
    Traditional book publishers said Juliet Waldron's book was too romantic, too historical, too something. So she self-published it, and now it's been honored with an Independent Ebook Award. This and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,42624,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Peanut Now in Palm's Grasp
    Tuesday Palm acquires, which gives the handheld giant a firmer hold on the e-book market. Also: the Rolls-Royce of e-book readers, sci-fi writers get to be read, and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,42484,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Authors to Protest Amazon
    The Author's Guild is planning a formal protest against, which puts cheaper, used book offerings alongside the new ones. Also: Poor fiction sales prompt to go nonfiction, a publshing house offers free downloads and other sites give authors more control. All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,42350,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Random House Sues for Rights
    The dispute rages over rights for e-books versus print books. Slate launches e-books and e-book reviews. Also: offers free author websites.... The New York Post puts its archives online.... and more in M.J. Rose's Notebook.,1284,42195,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    E-Books Are Now on the Shelf
    Electronic books are hitting the bookstores in an experiment to see if new technology can be sold the old-fashioned way. And an online bookshop is offering hands-on customer service. Also: E-books do sell, publishers try to sell and authors seek those who sell. All in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,42021,00.html
  • Inkspot Vanishes From Xlibris
    The acclaimed writer's website is a casualty of cost-cutting moves by the digital cooperative press. But it may return. Also: Interactive and hyper-linked texts want attention, an advertiser-based site pays, and more.,1284,41900,00.html
  • A Recipe Straight From the Heart
    When noted cookbook author Marcia Adams was diagnosed with advanced heart disease and put on a heart transplant waiting list, she didn't stop writing. But her book wound up not selling - except to readers as an ebook. Plus more on a free book about hacking and how much profit Stephen King made on the plant.,1284,41741,00.html
  • Amazon Wants to Sell Your Stuff
    The online retailer announces a plan to handle transactions for smaller retailers, including booksellers. Also: E-book bestsellers.... the National Writers Union v. publishers.... and more in M.J. Rose's notebook.,1284,41611,00.html
  • Here's One Healthy E-Publisher
    E-publishing dead? Take a gander at, a healthy site in a supposedly floundering sector. Also from M.J. Rose's notebook: A new nteractive novel.... The Virginia Book fest.... and more,1284,41343,00.html
  • New York Stories Go Electronic
    The New Yorker is publishing a series of e-books in a format that will mirror their recent anthologies. Also: Dot-authors get their names back ... Frankfurt e-book awards to recognize innovation as well as writing quality ... and engineers get into digital rights management.,1284,41451,00.html
  • From Rejection to E-Lation,1284,41193,00.html
  • E-Publishing Now a Noble Effort
    Barnes & Noble Digital decides to become a publisher, begging the question: Will and others sell its books? Also: Why not make the e-books look good, too? ... And poetry goes global,1284,41056,00.html
  • Publishing 2000
    The King and E Y2K was a breakthrough year for the world of e-books and e-publishing. One name stood out: Stephen King. But there was other news, too. M.J. Rose takes a look at the e-year that was.,1284,40800,00.html
  • Start-up Rosettabooks will be bringing the classics to e-book format.
    Also: Bookface hits a rough patch, and a site that helps you check books out -- at the library.,1367,40731,00.html
  • Early Reports on Death of E-Books, E-Serials Are Greatly Exaggerated
    If there is a lesson to be learned from Stephen King yanking the roots out from under The Plant, it is that one experiment by one author does not prove that e-serials are doomed.
  • Stephen King's 'Plant' Uprooted
    Stephen King says he'll stop delivering "The Plant" online after its upcoming sixth chapter, leaving readers miffed and without an ending. Click here
    Stephen King's 'Plant' Uprooted Or cut and paste this url into your browser,1284,40356,00.html
  • A Bad Ending for E-Authors
    E-publisher MightyWords terminates half its authors and slashes royalties to those it retains. The message to self-published authors is clear: If you want to sell books, sell them yourself.,1284,40086,00.html
  • Pirates Invade Book Publishing
    A website that offered links to free downloads of entire texts of copyrighted books by famous authors has changed its homepage and is denying it ever existed. But the question remains: What can the publishing industry do about this Napster-ization of book,1284,38945,00.html
  • Rediscovering Indie Bookstores
    Independent booksellers have gotten the message, and more and more their little bookstores in the middle of nowhere are finding second homes on the Web. By M.J. Rose.,1284,38672,00.html
  • Black Hole in Writers' Universe?
    3:00 a.m. 12.Sep.2000 PDT A writers' group is investigating the mysterious disappearances of their titles on Also from M.J. Rose's notebook: E-audiobooks ... Buy an e-book, plant a tree ... And more.,1367,38706,00.html
  • E-Publishing Empire Strikes Back
    by M.J. Rose
    1:10 p.m. Aug. 14, 2000 PDT,1284,38213,00.html
  • E-Publishing Ink
    Prospective Veep's E-Book
    by M.J. Rose
    1:10 p.m. Aug. 14, 2000 PDT,1284,38203,00.html
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