Playboy Magazine
A smart, erotic piece of work... risky, unpredictable, emotional. A true and affecting story... intensely erotic. "
"If seduction is an art, then Rose is one of the masters."

"Rose writes erotica better than just about anybody."

January Magazine
"What makes Lip Service work — aside from Rose's strong and confident voice — is Julia's road to self understanding. Her emergence — as trite as it sounds — as a whole person. Though Julia is undeniably flawed, aren't we all? Her imperfections make her entirely believable, her failures make her human and her personal breakthroughs give us hope. . Gentle eroticism... stylish first novel."

RT Four Stars
"Although highly sensuous, Lip Service isnt your average erotic tale. The novel is an intelligent and well-crafted analysis of a womans personal identity quest."

Publishers Weekly
Empowerment may be Rose's theme, but titillation plays no small part in this novel's game.

From Kirkus Reviews
Lust will keep you turning the pages.

Katharine Neville - Author of The Eight
M. J. Rose blends the dark eroticism of Anais Nin with the lusty cravings of Erica Jong, and delivers a refreshingly open look at a modern woman?s coming of age.

Satin Sheets Web site
Lip Service should be on the NYT Bestseller list! I normally steer clear of stories in the first person, with the exception of Diana Gabaldon, but M.J. Rose will be the second author for whom I'll that make an exception for. Lip Service is a phenomenal narrative of erotica and astounding insight into the human psyche that's on this side of frightening. I was hooked from page one and didn't put it down until I finished it just as the first rays of sunlight were penetrating my curtains.

Marcy Sheiner for San Francisco's Spectator Magazine
Five stars! This book is more than one-handed reading — it's just plain good reading with some super hot spots. The author has managed to incorporate details of the phone sex life into a literary novel with intricate plot, fully developed characters and dramatic tension. Woven into a normal story of a normal woman and her somewhat normal, troubled marriage, is the story of a woman who spends her time and earns her livelihood making strange men come over the phone.

I highly recommend Lip Service as a work of fiction that deals honestly with phone sex while maintaining a fairly high literary standard. For those who thought Nicholson Baker made the ultimate statement on phone sex with VOX, think again Lip Service goes a lot farther and deeper by focusing on the real world of the real call girl.

Penny Perkins, Alternative Media Guide for,
I read this book in one absorbed sitting. Congratulations to M.J. Rose for having the balls to publish and promote her own book. I hope she and her agent are having the last laugh at the publishing world that wouldn't accept her manuscript in the first place.

The book is a fascinating compilation of genres — literary, erotic, suspense, thriller, and social commentary — with a twist at the end that caught me completely off guard. Great ending. Great reading. The description of various upper class social worlds and concerns, I thought, were very wry and very dead on. It?s Evelyn Waugh meets Hitchcock meets Susie Bright. Congratulations to M.J. Rose for having the courage to tell an intelligent story with compelling contemporary characters and not hold back on the sexual content.

The Midwest Book Review
Lip Service is both seductive and sinister. M.J. Rose is a genuine literary talent with a flair for creating memorable characters in an uninhibited narrative that hooks the reader's imagination and won't let go, even after the novel is finished and set back on the shelf.

The January Review
A stylish first novel by M.J. Rose.

Romantic Times Magazine
Although highly sensuous, Lip Service isn't your average erotic tale. The novel is an intelligent and well-crafted analysis of a woman's personal identity quest. ****

Buzz Review
Lip Service should be savored bit by bit. As if unwrapping a special gourmet chocolate treat. Because treat it is indeed.