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A Secret Peephole of Rome: The stuff of intrigue…

Peepshow or coincidence?


Enjoy, and thanks be to the glorious Atlas Obscura


The Aventine Keyhole
Rome’s semi-secret peephole vista is also a once and future Crusader stronghold


Contributor: Annetta Black (Admin)

“A sweeping view of Rome is perfectly contained in the keyhole of a non-descript looking door on the Aventine Hill, neatly placing the dome of St. Peter’s right in the center.


The doorway in question leads to the Priory of the Knights of Malta, the legendary crusader knights and religious order. Although the property has been in their hands for centuries, the site has seen many occupants. It originally held a fortified palace belonging to Alberico II, the ruler of Rome from 932-954, then becoming a benedictine monastery before passing first into the hands of the Knights Templar in the 1100s, then finally to their brothers in arms, the Knights of Malta in the 1400s….”


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Parallel worlds exist, say physicists

Quantum weirdness is, well, weird. And that is why we love it. It inspires incredible ideas about the mysteries of reality. For example, the concept of “multiple worlds” is more real than not, and that is truly fascinating weirdness. When science bumps up against the esoteric, that is when we must listen…


Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists


New theory explains many of the bizarre observations made in quantum mechanics.


By: Bryan Nelson



“Do parallel worlds ever cross paths?


Quantum mechanics, though firmly tested, is so weird and anti-intuitive that famed physicist Richard Feynman once remarked, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” Attempts to explain some of the bizarre consequences of quantum theory have led to some mind-bending ideas, such as the Copenhagen interpretation and the many-worlds interpretation.



Now there’s a new theory on the block, called the “many interacting worlds” hypothesis (MIW), and the idea is just as profound as it sounds. The theory suggests not only that parallel worlds exist, but that they interact with our world on the quantum level and are thus detectable. Though still speculative, the theory may help to finally explain some of the bizarre consequences inherent in quantum mechanics, reports



The theory is a spin-off of the many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics — an idea that posits that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world. One problem with the many-worlds interpretation, however, has been that it is fundamentally untestable, since observations can only be made in our world. Happenings in these proposed “parallel” worlds can thus only be imagined…”


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The Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found …

Very big news from our beloved Egypt –

After Decades of Searching, the Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found
(Ancient Origins)


“Dozens of foreign missions carried out over three decades using the latest high-tech instruments failed to find the causeway of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now, unexpectedly, the passage has finally been located by a local resident living near the Giza Plateau, who was illegally digging beneath his home when he discovered a tunnel leading to the Pyramid of Khufu, the largest of the three pyramids in Giza.


Arabic news source reports that a resident in the village of El Haraneya in Giza, a prohibited area for drilling, began digging beneath his house to a depth of about 10 meters (33 feet), when he discovered a passage consisting of huge stone blocks.


The Minister of Police for Tourism and Antiquities was alerted to the discovery and security forces immediately placed a cordon around the property.  The Ministry of Antiquities was notified of the incredible finding, and archaeologist Kamal Wahid was placed in charge of a committee to investigate. In its report, the committee confirms the finding of the corridor leading to the Great Pyramid, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza…”


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