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An ancient book of benevolent magic

The Arbatel: An ancient text book of magic with spiritual advice and world views from 16th century experts. But beware, once upon a time, if you had dared to study this book,  you may have been accused of being a witch despite the book’s positive message…


Arbatel: The Magic of the Ancients – An Occult Grimoire with a Positive Message



Buer, the 10th spirit, who teaches “Moral and Natural Philosophy”, from Dictionnaire Infernal, a book on demonology. Public Domain.



“The Arbatel de magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) is a Renaissance-period grimoire – a textbook of magic – and one of the most influential works of its kind. Unlike some other occult manuscripts that contain dark magic and malicious spells, the Arbatel contains spiritual advice and guidance on how to live an honest and honorable life…”


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“Mom, I used to be somebody else.”

This is one of the more compelling reincarnation stories we’ve encountered. Like many of our favorites, it involves the memories of a young child and includes incredible verifications that defy logic.


Is this child actually remembering a previous life?





10-Year-Old Boy Remembers Past Life as 1930’s Hollywood Actor

by Daniel Nussbaum


“Mom, I have something I need to tell you. I used to be somebody else.”


Those were the words that five-year-old Ryan Hammons told his mother as he was being tucked into bed five years ago, according to NBC News’s Today.


Ryan reportedly began having vivid nightmares at age four. The next year, Ryan told his mother he wanted to “go home” to Hollywood, and related stories about meeting actress Rita Hayworth, taking trips to Paris, and dancing on Broadway. The boy said he had once lived on a street with the word “rock” in it.


“His stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn’t like a child could have made it up,” the boy’s mother, Cyndi Hammons, told Today. “Then we found the picture, and it changed everything.”


Hammons had gone to the library to investigate her son’s claims when she happened upon a book that contained a still photo of two men from the 1932 film Night After Night, starring Mae West.


“She turns to the page in the book, and I say ‘that’s me, that’s who I was,’” now ten-year-old Ryan told Today…”


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Mummified Monk May Not Be Dead…

A decades long meditation so deep that you are mistaken for dead. The word for this state of being is “tukdam”.


Images of Rip Van Winkle come to mind…





Monk in Mongolia ‘not dead’, say Buddhists
The monk was found wrapped in traditional Buddhist robes


“A mummified monk found preserved in Mongolia last week has been baffling and astounding those who uncovered him.


Senior Buddhists say the monk, found sitting in the lotus position, is in a deep meditative trance and not dead.


Forensic examinations are under way on the remains, found wrapped in cattle skins in north-central Mongolia.


Scientists have yet to determine how the monk is so well preserved, though some think Mongolia’s cold weather could be the reason.


But Dr Barry Kerzin, a physician to Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, told the Siberian Times that the monk was in a rare state of meditation called “tukdam”…”


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On the same note, here is a story about a Hindu guru who may or may not be dead.


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