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Dinosaur feathers encased in amber…

Isn’t it interesting how our vision of dinosaurs has changed over the decades? From big dull-green lizards, to colorful bird-like show offs.


…And amber, oh how we love amber —




Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber

by AnnaleeNewitz (


“[Today] a group of paleontologists announced the results of an extensive study of several well-preserved dinosaur feathers encased in amber. Their work, which included samples from many stages in the evolution of feathers, bolstered the findings of other scientists who’ve suggested that dinosaurs (winged and otherwise) had multicolored and transparent feathers of the sort you might see on birds today. The researchers also presented evidence, based on the feathers’ pigmentation and structures, that today’s bird feathers could have evolved from dinosaur feathers.


We’ve got a gallery of these intriguing feathers preserved in amber.


In a profile of lead researcher Ryan McKellar, The Atlantic’s Hans Villarica writes:


These specimens represent distinct stages of feather evolution, from early-stage, single filament protofeathers to much more complex structures associated with modern diving birds . . . They can’t determine which feathers belonged to birds or dinosaurs yet, but they did observe filament structures that are similar to those seen in other non-avian dinosaur fossils.
Villarica also did io9 readers a favor and asked McKellar whether this discovery could lead to a Jurassic Park scenario. McKellar said…”


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Welcome to the dawn of de-extinction…

Stewart Brand: The dawn of de-extinction. Are you ready?


“Throughout humankind’s history, we’ve driven species after species extinct: the passenger pigeon, the Eastern mountain lion, the dodo…But now, says Stewart Brand, we have the technology (and the biology) to bring back species that humanity wiped out. So — should we?”



The Magic 8 Ball, revealed

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.10.23 AM


The history and genius behind an iconic toy that appeals to the desire in us all to tell our fortunes and futures…



Why the Magic 8 Ball Still Holds Our Fascination
Can a classic toy stay relevant? Signs point to yes

By Robert Klara


“Abe Bookman’s toy was a flop. He should have seen it coming. After all, the toy was a fortune-telling device.


It was 1950, and for the previous four years, Bookman’s company Alabe Crafts had tried to market the Syco-Seer. Sold as a “miracle home fortune teller,” the toy was a cylinder filled with dark liquid containing a pair of floating dice, their surfaces scribed with fateful predictions. Users would ask a question, shake up the Syco-Seer and then wait for the device to give them the answer. Only there weren’t many users, and Alabe’s nesting the cylinder inside a crystal ball in 1948 hadn’t helped.


Then Brunswick Billiards called in search of a promotional toy. Would Alabe consider putting its fortune teller inside of a big eight ball? Alabe said sure. And the rest is toy history….”


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